Clear/Transparent PLA Filament – All You Need to Know

Clear/transparent PLA filaments combine their natural strengths for an easy, durable, and unique 3D printing experience.

PLA (polylactic acid if you want to get scientific) is one of the most popular 3D printing filaments out there. One of its lesser-known attributes is its natural transparency – which you can harness to 3D print clear objects with the same ease as using any other color.

PLA is a naturally derived filament, which means it’s made from plants. It most commonly comes from cornstarch but can also be spun from tapioca roots, sugarcane, or other fibrous growths. It comes out naturally colorless and transparent, but it’s not 100% crystal clear. It will always have a faint yellowish tinge from its natural origins, and the exact tint and intensity of this will vary from company to company depending on their different finishing methods.

That being said, PLA is the easiest and most versatile clear/transparent filament to use. It’s great for objects of all sizes, so you’ll definitely find a place for it no matter what you 3D print.

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