How Much Does a Metal 3D Printer Cost in 2019?

Metal 3D printing was always a very promising technology, with the potential to change how we manufacture metal parts. However, the revolution never really happened, as metal 3D printing was too expensive and wasn’t fast enough to compete with traditional manufacturing.

The optimism for metal 3D printing changing how we make metal parts was brought back thanks to Desktop Metal, a company headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Desktop Metal specializes in industrial additive manufacturing solutions, with the Production System at the peak. What makes the Production System so unique is its Single Pass Jetting technology. It enables much faster production speed when compared to other metal 3D printers. 

Nozzles for the binder agent work together with powder spreaders to print in a single pass across the build area. The idea behind the technology is to ensure that, with each motion, printing is happening, and that’s what enables the high speed production.

Good things aside, the $750,000 price tag “only” gets you the printer, and not the necessary furnace. The furnace is used to heat the printed parts to just below their melting temperature to remove the remaining binder and completely sinter the powder, thus achieving the desired density of the parts.

The furnace is rather expensive, with prices starting at $500,000.

Technology: Single Pass Jetting (binder jetting)

Build volume: 337 x 337 x 330 mm

Price: $750,000

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