LibreCAD Tutorial for Beginners (4 Easy Steps)

Toolbar Overview

Before working with LibreCAD, double-check that the left, right, and bottom toolbars are enabled in the Enable Toolbars section shown in the image.

On the left, you’ll find the Shape tools that we’ll primarily be using. In the top right, you’ll find the Layer List that’ll help you manage the different layers. Bottom right is where the command line window will help create precision shapes and provide occasional prompts. On the bottom toolbar, you’ll also find the Grid Snap options, which are invaluable when positioning shapes with the mouse.

Prepare Your Layers

The first steps in the platform should help you to become familiar with LibreCAD’s interface.

Let’s begin by creating a construction layer. Construction layers should be configured as a different line color and to not show up in technical drawings. On the Layer List toolbar, add a new layer, and configure it to be a construction layer.  Now we’ll lay out the dimensions of our print bed onto the construction layer, imagining it to be the XY plane.

With the construction layer selected, turn on “Snap to Grid” (third button, hover for tooltip) in the Grid Snap toolbar. Then, click the Line shape and select the rectangle option. The command line window will prompt for the coordinates of the first corner. For a 195-mm square bed, enter “0,0” and then “195,195”. (Alternatively, use the maximum dimensions of your printer’s bed.) Right-click or press Escape to exit the rectangle tool mode. 

Good CAD drawings have dimensions, so let’s add dimensions to our printer bed construction sketch. Select “Dimension”, then select the Aligned option. You’ll want to have “Snap to Grid” and “Snap to Endpoints” enabled. Follow the prompts in the command line window, and select appropriate line endpoints to create dimension lines on the bottom and right edges of the rectangle. 

Lastly, go back to the Layer List and create a new layer for the first real sketch. For this example, name it “Layer_Hatch1”.

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