Anycubic Photon Slicer – 4 Best Alternatives

The Anycubic Photon is a great entry-level SLA 3D printer. It has everything you need to get started right out of the box, including the Anycubic Photon Slicer (on the included USB drive). This default slicing software is pretty decent, generating models sliced in the .photon format rather than G-code.

FDM vs Resin Printer Slicing

The typical G-code file for an FDM 3D printer contains coordinates for a print head (or print heads) to travel to, the speeds at which to move the head, and how much filament to extrude. As you can imagine, this is a bit different with an LCD printer, which relies on an LED screen to project UV light, which cures photosensitive resin.

A .photon file is completely different from a G-code file in that it is made of many “images”, each a representation of a very thin cross-section of the model. Each will eventually become a layer of the final model when they are cured.

The slicer included in the box, however, is not the only option to get .photon files to print on your Anycubic Photon. In this article, we explore some alternative slicers that bring new features for working with the machine.

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