7 Best Thingiverse Alternatives in 2019

As a 3D printing enthusiast, or even as a 3D modeler, you’ve probably heard of Thingiverse. Launched in 2008, the platform has provided us with several trinkets and 3D printable models, but what are some cleaner and less crowded alternatives?

Thingiverse was brought to life by the same team that created Makerbot. Thus it was designed with 3D printing in mind.

Thingiverse is a website where users can share original 3D models, designs, and ideas. Models range from all sorts of gadgets, to organizational tools, to trinkets, toys, and even replacement parts! Running for over eight years, Thingiverse has acquired over 400,000 “things” on the site, all of which are free and printable.

The biggest draw Thingiverse has to most of its users is the fact that everything can be downloaded openly and freely. But another thing people like is that comments and detailed descriptions allow for easy troubleshooting if a print goes wrong.

Yet, despite all of the models that have been added over the years, some may wish to try some alternatives.

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