12 Best 3D Printers for Schools & Education in 2019

As the list shows, for the most part, desktop 3D printers can cost a significant amount of money. And that’s the machine itself — when additional costs like materials, accessories and spare parts pile on, it can become a daunting investment to manage.

In addition to the manufacturers above that offer educational discounts, there are also myriad grants and programs that award funds for 3D printers. Here’s a list of some resources that could help you fund your next machines.

PITSCO Education

A private entity dedicated to the furtherance and adoption of STEM-based learning, PITSCO Education offers a wealth of resources to help educators get up to speed and inspired in the classroom, in addition to awarding monthly grants and highlighting funding sources.

Get Ed Funding

Something of a search engine for grants, it’s possible to filter by grade, subject, focus areas, and skills, generating information on grants that cater to said specified criteria.

Grants Alert

A little less refined than GetEdFunding, GrantsAlert allows you to search by state and grant type. More digging may be required to find one that will cover such hardware purchases, but it’s possible.

Grant Watch

Mixing small business in with nonprofit, for-profit, Federal, state, foundation, corporate giving, and local grants into one pool, GrantWatch lets you filter through some 3,600 grants, with the option to hone in on those specifically for teachers.

Toolbox for Education

Operated by home improvement store Lowe’s, Toolbox for Education is the company’s mechanism for donating $5-million to K-12 schools and parent-teacher groups, with a focus on STEM programs and facility improvement.

McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

Awarding a variety of grants, McCarthey Dressman’s Academic Enrichment Grants can amount up to $10,000 a year for three years, funding project ideas that supplement regular classroom curriculum.

National Science Foundation

Created by Congress to promote the progress of science in the interests of national health, prosperity, and welfare, the foundation funded almost 25% of “federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities” in 2016.

American Society Manufacturing International

Providing up to $10,000 in funds to individuals and AAUW organizations, with special consideration given to K-12 projects and community college girls’ and women’s achievements in science, tech, engineering, and math.

GE Additive Education Program

In 2018 GE Additive Education Program will award 3D printing packages (including the Dremel 3D45 printer mentioned above) to more than 600 primary and secondary schools around the world. 2018’s round is closed, but stay tuned to All3DP and GE Additive for the opening of 2019’s application round.

Think of DonorsChoose as the Kickstarter of education, except that instead of early-bird specials on vaporous products, the public can pitch in donations to help educators fund special projects and supplies for their classes. XYZprinting, who we cover above in our list — created a short guide on filling out a profile to pitch for funds on the platform.

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