SCAD to STL – How to Convert SCAD Files to STL

Converting SCAD to STL is straightforward using OpenJSCAD. To convert a file, simply drag and drop your file to the bottom left of the page. (You’ll see, “Drop one or more supported files, or folder with jscad files here.”) The file will immediately load into the 3D environment.

Next press “Generate STL” and then “Download STL,” and your conversion is complete. In addition to STL files, you have the choice to convert to a variety of file types. File types include both types of STL (binary and ASCII), AMF, X3D, DXF, JSCAD, and js. Conveniently, JSCAD is a fully programmable modeler like OpenSCAD if you’d like to create your own model.

This converter will come in handy if you often model in SCAD.

Access: OpenJSCAD

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