BigRep launches next-generation STUDIO G2 3D printer at RAPID + TCT

German 3D printer manufacturer, BigRep will debut its next-generation STUDIO printer at RAPID + TCT in Detroit this week promising several upgrades and key features designed to meet the needs of industrial users.

The new and improved BigRep STUDIO G2 is capable of printing in engineering-grade materials while continuing to offer all the advantages of the original STUDIO for manufacturing large-format objects.

Speaking about the launch, BigRep CBO, Frank Marangell said he believes customers new and old will appreciate the machine’s “many advanced features.”

The STUDIO G2 is an extrusion-based system designed to fit any workspace with ease of use and accessibility. The machine features a new, fully enclosed and insulated build envelope of 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm, fast-heating print bed reaching 100°C, and temperature-controlled filament chamber. Equipped with dual extrusion capabilities, the system includes two 0.6 mm ruby nozzles which enables detailed printing with abrasive engineering-grade materials, such as PA6/66, at layer heights as little as 0.1 mm. Future materials releases are set to include a number of engineering-grade materials such as ASA and composite materials with carbon/glass fibre enhancement.

The STUGIO G2 also comes equipped with the new proprietary BigRep BLADE slicer software, which provides accurate printing time and material use calculations for optimised productivity.

“The new generation STUDIO G2 is a great addition to our expanding industrial portfolio of large-format printers. Based on proven, successful technology, the STUDIO G2 is upgraded with key features that industrial users need,” said BigRep CEO, Stephan Beyer, PhD. “We’ve built it for printing with the abrasive, engineering-grade materials that the industry demands in a next-level, space-saving printer for large-format parts.”

The STUDIO G2 is available to order now and visitors to RAPID + TCT will be able to see the machine first-hand at Detroit’s Cobo Center on 21-23 May. BigRep will also be exhibiting the recently launched BigRep PRO, equipped with BigRep’s MXT Metering Extruder Technology and Bosch Rexroth motion control system.

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