Additive Rocket Corporation to integrate Link3D Additive Manufacturing Execution System software

Link3D has entered into a partnership with Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC), who will harness the software vendor’s Additive Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

The alliance was announced at the AeroDef Conference in California.

ARC uses metal 3D printing technologies to produce high-performance rocket engines for space industry vehicles. It has sought to integrate Link3D’s Additive MES software into its workflow to streamline production and implement a data-driven approach in order to achieve consistent compliance to regulations from SAE International, NASA, and AS9100 standards. These regulatory standards will be traced through the Additive MES software to ensure quality control requirements around part classification, qualification testing, process controls, material properties, finishing, and part inspection are met.  

By partnering with Link3D, ARC is hopeful it can strengthen its market position, increasing the reliability of the products it manufactures, while reducing cost and time.

“ARC’s mission is to democratise space by providing reliable and affordable propulsion solutions,” commented Andy Kieatiwong, co-founder and CEO of ARC. “Additive manufacturing has been around for decades, but our industry is just beginning to embrace the technology. Engineers were designing for manufacturability. We are now designing for optimisation and that is what makes it revolutionary.”

“We are humbled to collaborate with such brilliant and forward thinking minds at ARC,” offered Shane Fox, co-founder and CEO of Link3D. “We are proud to call ourselves partners as we push the boundaries of additive manufacturing. ARC’s approach to design for additive manufacturing of rocket engines and [its] unique business model will surely disrupt the way rockets are launched into space.”

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