Nano Dimension 3D prints IoT communication device in 18 hours

Nano Dimension has announced the successful production of 3D printed IoT communication device within a single day using its inkjet deposition DragonFly Pro machine.

The prototype device is similar to a printed circuit board (PCB) and was printed, assembled and tested within 18 hours, as opposed to the two weeks it typically takes.

Measuring 16 x 33 x 1.6 mm, the remote-controlled device is currently going through a qualification process. Nano Dimension anticipates it could be efficiently developed into a two-way communication device, transmitting and receiving signals. Applications would include being placed inside smart white goods or in the autonomous vehicle manufacturing market, per Nano Dimension.

The company is eyeing a future where more and more products become ‘smart’ and believes the capabilities of its DragonFly Pro system can offer a range of benefits for manufacturers. Where it makes sense, devices and circuit boards can be miniaturised to increase efficiency in capacity, while multiple types of sensors, from fingerprint to motion to temperature, can also be implemented.

Supplementing these capabilities is the potential to prototype the devices in quick-time, allowing users to determine in under 24 hours whether the design of the PCB can function.

“An ever-greater emphasis is being placed on smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes and smart products by industries and consumers alike,” commented Amit Dror, Nano Dimension CEO. “Our solution enables companies to speedily trial and finalise prototypes in just one day without compromising on quality or performance. They no longer have to wait over a fortnight to understand whether their smart device works or not. This ultimately increases product and cost efficiencies and reduces time to market, which means that the consumer can enjoy the benefits of these products faster than ever before.”

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