CNC Carving – 5 Great CNC Machines to Carve Wood

The Carbide 3D Nomad is a such a compact, neat package that we couldn’t help but include it, even if it was released long ago. The Nomad is an unusual option on this list, mainly in its appearance. The entire machine is contained in a sleek, desktop-ready enclosure. This means you won’t constantly be dusting wood chips off your keyboard while working next to this machine as it’s operating.

However, the broader approach Carbide 3D has taken with this product is equally fascinating. Being the only fully-assembled machine on this list, the Nomad already seems like it’s geared towards a different audience. When you dig deeper, you’ll start to see more of this: various unique jigs are included, the software is polished, and it comes with a surprisingly-large price tag, given its size.

These little details show that the Nomad is intended for a more niche user, perhaps someone working in an office setting where noise, mess, and aesthetics are a concern. Wired put it best in their article on the Nomad: “CNC mills don’t have to be beautiful, but this bamboo one sure is.” If you can pay for the luxury of good looks and sleek operation, you’ll enjoy this machine.

Regardless of your experience or incentive to buy the Nomad, you’ll be quite impressed with its milling prowess. But before you test it out, you’ve got to figure out how to fit your design in the compact cutting area.

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