Nexxt Spine develops additively manufactured spinal implants using MTS test systems

Nexxt Spine develops additively manufactured spinal implants using MTS test systems

A metal additively manufactured spinal cage produced by Nexxt Spine (Courtesy Nexxt Spine)


Medical device manufacturer Nexxt Spine, Noblesville, Indiana, USA, has used material test systems created by MTS Systems Corporation, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, to further develop its additively manufactured porous titanium spinal implants. Nexxt Spine is an independent medical device company which designs and manufactures spinal solutions for patients with debilitating spinal conditions.

According to Nexxt Spine, as the world’s population ages, spinal surgery is becoming more commonplace. Along with the deterioration that comes with natural ageing, spinal tumors or trauma can cause decayed, diseased or collapsed discs that are immensely painful and need to be repaired. The company is reportedly addressing these concerns by using MTS material test systems to develop bone healing spinal implants.

“We’ve immersed ourselves in the Additive Manufacturing space completely and positioned our future business focus as pioneers in the design and development of spinal fusion implants that incorporate interlaced micro-lattice architectures with the goal of promoting osteoconduction, osteointegration and bony fusion,” stated Alaedeen Abu-Mulaweh, Nexxt Spine’s Director of Engineering. “Given the highly nuanced nature of these intricate microgeometries, the MTS testing platform has been our go-to solution for quantifying and tailoring the associated biomechanical performance attributes from day one.”

MTS is a global supplier of test systems and industrial position sensors. The company provides testing and simulation hardware, software and service solutions to enable customers to improve their design, development and manufacturing processes.

Dr Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of MTS, commented, “MTS’ expertise in creating systems for testing biomedical devices and simulating in-vivo conditions, combined with leadership in developing testing techniques for additively manufactured products, brings a unique set of knowledge to this type of testing application.”

MTS is pleased to support medical device manufacturers in their quest to design innovative products that improve health and well-being,” he continued. “In this case, MTS material test systems are helping Nexxt Spine find better ways to repair spines and improve quality of life for spine surgery patients.”

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