Metallum3D: providing wider access to metal 3D printing services and materials

Recently, the Centre for Innovative Technology (CIT) announced that CIT GAP Funds has invested in the company Metallum3D based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The startup is an online metal 3D printing platform that provides accessible and affordable metal 3D printing materials and services since 2016. Using this new capital, the company plans to expand product development, move to a larger office space, hire new staff, complete the beta launch of the flagship product and establish partnerships with 3D printer manufacturers. The beta launch of its metal 3D printing service is expected for Q2 2019.

Considering how the metal additive manufacturing industry has grown over the last few years, there are still some significant limitations in terms of accessibility to services. Also, materials and manufacturing is still very expensive. This is why Metallum3D is developing a microwave densification process and proprietary metal 3D printing material that reduces the overall part processing time by more or less 80%. The material will be compatible with existing, low-cost, FDM 3D printers. Furthermore, the company’s patent pending material formulation uses non-hazardous polymers that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Proposed metal services | Credits: Metallum3D

The CEO of Metallum3D added, “Whether you are a business or individual that already owns and uses Fused Filament 3D printers, or are looking to implement metal 3D printing capabilities with no additional capital investment, we believe there should be more access to affordable metal 3D printing materials and services. We are grateful for the support of CIT GAP Funds, whose investment will play an important role in our growth and disruption of the metal 3D printing industry”.

In short, Metallum3D combines low cost, high performance, FDM 3D printers with patent pending metal 3D printing filaments and Microwave Densification processes to create an affordable and accessible metal 3D printing service. Thomas Weithman, Managing Director of CIT GAP Funds said, “A lot of businesses do not have the funds to utilise current methods of metal 3D printing technology. Metallum3D is changing that narrative for businesses, big and small, by providing an affordable, accessible solution. CIT is excited to be part of this mission, and we are certain that Metallum3D’s technology will meet many needs in the market”.

Metallum3D’s filament | Credits: Metallum3D

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