Nanofabrica announces commercial launch of micro-level resolution additive manufacturing technology

Nanofabrica, an Israel-based additive manufacturing (AM) vendor, has announced the commercial launch of its micro-level resolution AM technology.

The patented process is based on a Digital Light Processing (DLP) engine, and leverages adaptive optics which, in conjunction with an array of sensors, allows for a closed feedback loop, helping to achieve micron and sub-micron levels of resolution and surface finish.

It has been packaged into two platforms, ‘The Workshop System’ and ‘The Industrial System’. The latter machine is said to be able to achieve a one-micron resolution, and with its 50 x 50 x 100 mm build volume, can output thousands of parts in a single build. Nanofabrica is responsible for developing its own materials and has put a focus on some of the most commonly used plastics, such as ABS and polypropylene (PP). It has also successfully printed parts with 80% ceramic loaded materials and is working towards achieving 100% ceramic materials with one-micron resolution. Nanofabrica hopes to work with customers from product inception, where it will offer its design advice and optimise parts for its process, through to mass manufacturing.  

Founded in 2016, the company has worked to bring to market a process that can enable manufacturers to produce parts which demand high levels of accuracy and sees potential application of its technology in casings for microelectronics, micro springs, micro actuators and micro sensors. In the medical sector, Nanfabrica believes the technology is suitable for micro valves, micro syringes and micro implantable or surgical devices.

During the three years between its founding and its commercial launch, Nanofabrica has watched the additive manufacturing market grow more and more competitive. The company believes, however, that its technology is filling a gap in that market, enabling mass production of micro components and features.

“This is an extremely exciting time for Nanofabrica and for the industry in general,” Jon Donner, CEO of Nanofabrica, told TCT. “While there are an increasing number of manufacturers from across all sectors of industry that are adopting additive manufacturing as a viable production technology, one area had been poorly served until now, and that is the micro manufacturing sector. There is an inexorable drive throughout industry to miniaturise products and components, and to introduce micron features on larger products, but additive manufacturing has been unable to achieve the levels of resolution, speed, and cost effectiveness necessary to facilitate ‘mass’ micro manufacturing.

“Nanofabrica’s new micro additive manufacturing technology builds to micron accuracy repeatably, and now opens up the benefits of additive manufacturing for sectors of industry that hitherto were forced to rely on traditional micro moulding and machining technologies.”

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