3D Printer Time-Lapse Video – How Best to Capture Prints

We showed you how to start making time-lapse videos with basic equipment, but what if you wanted to go a bit more on the professional side?

Worry not because we’ve got you covered.

More things need to be considered when making good quality time-lapse videos, such as the lighting, camera positioning, the movement of the 3D printer, background, etc.

This will also require better equipment. For the recording device, we would recommend using a Go Pro. It’s small and light-weight, making it easier to mount onto a 3D printer or stand and already has built-in settings to record time-lapse videos.

You will still need a tripod or solid stand on or somewhere around your 3D printer. Make sure it is stable and won’t move or break during the recording as it can spoil the entire time-lapse recording.

You may also want to consider lighting. Studio lights will be more than enough to get a “professional” lighting setup for your 3D printer. Usually, they’re not used in time-lapse videos, but because 3D printers are operated inside a building, these lights may be necessary in order to get good quality recordings.

Two lights should be more than enough. It is important to make sure they remain on and at the same intensity during the recording as any changes will be noticeable on the final video.

The last thing to take in mind, the angle of recording. If your 3D printer can print tall or large objects, make sure your camera is recording at a suitable distance and angle to capture the entire printing field.

Placing the camera too close can cause the printed object to go out of the camera view, placing the camera too far will make it hard to properly see the object. Therefore, make sure you calculate how big the object is going to be beforehand to place the camera in the most suitable spot.

Some cameras, like the Go Pro we recommend, already have settings to adjust the focal length without having to move the camera back and forwards. Whether or not it does, you may need to take this into consideration with your set up.

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