STL to OBJ – How to Convert STL Files to OBJ

Changing a file’s format can be annoyingly frustrating at times. Converting an STL to OBJ, however, is quick and easy. We gathered all you need to know right here.

STL and OBJ are two common file types used to save 3D models. STL files store a model as many small triangles, while OBJ files are more flexible and can use different polygons as well as freeform curves. OBJ files can also store color and texture, which makes them ideal for multi-color 3D printing.

In general, STLs are used mainly in 3D printing slicers (such as Cura) or modeling programs (such as Fusion 360) while OBJs are more universally used between CAD programs even outside the 3D printing world.

There’s plenty of situations where you might want to convert between the two types. Thankfully, it’s super easy!

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