7 Best AutoCAD Alternatives in 2019 (5 Are Free)

Autodesk’s flagship product, AutoCAD, has been available since 1982 and is undeniably the granddaddy of CAD. To word it better, AutoCAD is to CAD what Photoshop is to photo editing.

The program comes packed with an array of features that make it a versatile tool for several industries – mainly graphic design, engineering, architecture, and project management, among others. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that AutoCAD is the go-to product for professionals, hobbyists, and students.

However, Autodesk is no longer offering a perpetual license for this popular tool. Instead, they are pushing consumers into subscription-based licensing. This has forced hundreds of users to seek AutoCAD alternatives as many users believe the switch is costlier in the long-run.

Paying more than $1,500/year may seem worthwhile if you are a CAD pro with no budget restrictions, but it’s pretty staggering when you are an average hobbyist who is working on a budget.

Anyways, you don’t always have to pick AutoCAD, and not when it has some worthy contenders with the same critical functionality and supporting infrastructure. But be warned: The market is filled with horrible AutoCAD knockoffs, so it’s your duty to distill which products are worth your time, especially if you are a newcomer.

We’ve done the legwork to bring you seven of the best AutoCAD alternatives in 2019. Two of them have made an appearance in our articles on the top professional CAD tools for 2018 and 30 best free CAD software tools for 2019.

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