Low-Poly 3D Models – All You Need to Know

With the technology available today in the video game industry, we are used to seeing life-like images in each game that comes out.

That’s because the graphics resources, like processors and graphics cards, evolved so quickly over the years, allowing the game developers to make more complex models to achieve better results.

But back in the mid-’90s, when the first 3D video games began to hit the market, it was common to see characters and scenarios formed out by straight and hard edges on our computers or game consoles. To us now, they look awkward and unrealistic. What we didn’t know then was that those simple shapes we were seeing on our screens would later become what we now call “low poly” models.

A polygon is a 2D shape made out of straight angles and lines that, when placed together, are able to create 3D shapes.  Polygons are an essential part of every 3D model and as you can see, the higher the polygon count is, the more detailed and smoother the object will be and vice versa.

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