Mars X-House: a 3D-Printed Habitat Prototype.

We are super excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign! Please support us to 3D print future Mars habitat that will be built in a live technology demonstration in May! Choose your reward and become a part of a big journey together with our team! GO Mars X house!

Mars X House is a prototype of a future Mars habitat that will be 3D-printed in a live technology demonstration sponsored by NASA. We will be printing the 1/3 scale habitat in May 2019 as part of the head to head event of NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge in Peoria, Illinois. The construction process will be fully autonomous (meaning no human interventions!) and will involve the use of advanced robotics.

Kickstarter Campaign:

Autonomous robotics will someday be deployed to the Moon, Mars and beyond to construct shelters for human habitation. On Earth, this same technology will be used to produce affordable housing in areas where access to conventional building materials and skills are limited.

By supporting our campaign you demonstrate your commitment to technology development for future 3D-printed habitats and living in outer space.

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