SketchUp Free vs Pro – The Most Important Differences

Paired with LayOut, SketchUp’s construction plan making tool, SketchUp Pro becomes a very powerful tool for making great looking, accurate schematics and construction plans. SketchUp also gives you the ability to put your company’s branding on the sides of the construction plans, meaning everything can be done with just one piece of software.

Another handy feature SketchUp Free is short on when compared to SketchUp Pro is the making 3D models from 2D PDF construction plans feature. Simply import the PDF, measure it, and extrude the model into 3D.

To make it easier to model complex shapes, there’s a number of extensions available to download for SketchUp. The extensions can be found on 3D Warehouse, a large online base of 3D models and extensions for SketchUp users.

For example, you might need to model a specific curve out of a solid cube. With the extension, that’s done within seconds and makes your life much easier.

Again, the use of extensions is only available in SketchUp Pro.

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