Lamborghini unveils end-use components produced with Carbon 3D printing technology

Lamborghini has unveiled its first end-use components to be manufactured with Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology.

The Italian automotive brand has harnessed 3D printing to produce a new textured fuel cover cap and a clip component for an air duct for its Urus SUV model, brought to market last year.

Lamborghini has been working in close collaboration with not only Carbon, but also Volkswagen’s Electronic Research Lab as it looks to redesign parts primarily in the interior of vehicles to reduce weight and improve durability. Carbon’s DLS printing systems are helping to facilitate this additive production at scale, while its Epoxy 82 material has been highlighted as an enabler to deliver more durable parts that are able to withstand high pressure and high temperature requirements.

Teaming the capabilities of Carbon’s 3D printing technology with the experience within the VW Electronic Research Lab has allowed Lamborghini to put 3D printed parts on one of its Super SUVs models, and the company is confident there is more to come.   

“Through our extensive procurement research, we found that many of our vehicle components were ideal candidates for digital manufacturing,” commented Stefan Gramse, Chief Procurement Officer of Automobili, Lamborghini S.p.A. “By partnering with Carbon, we are designing on the means of production, which allows us to produce more durable products smarter, faster, and more efficiently, while also substantially accelerating our time to market. We are looking forward to a sustainable, successful partnership with Carbon.”

The strategic partnership with Lamborghini marks another automotive collaboration for Carbon, which revealed more details of its work with Ford last month, and whose technology has also been leveraged for BMW’s ‘MINI Yours Customised’ project. The automotive space has long been an adopter of 3D printing technology, but more and more the processes are beginning to be harnessed for the manufacture of end-use components.

“Carbon’s digital manufacturing solution empowers companies like Lamborghini with the freedom to design and build better products on the means of production,” said Joseph DeSimone, CEO and co-founder of Carbon. “The automotive industry shows significant promise for using digital fabrication for production at scale, and our partnership with Lamborghini is a perfect example of the kind of innovation you can achieve when you fuse design, manufacturability, and engineering all into one.”

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