SLA Post-Processing – The Best Ways to Clean Resin 3D Prints

The last step in post-processing is to UV-cure your print. This is necessary for many functional resins because it finalizes the material properties of the model. 

Method #1: Curing Station

Many SLA printer manufacturers also sell curing stations. These are specifically optimized for their resins, allowing for finely tuned curing times. This is useful for larger prints and professional environments. 

Method #2: Nail Polish Curing Lamp

This is an inexpensive and accessible method of quickly curing your model. Simply place it under a nail polish lamp and let it sit overnight. Adding a turntable can help get a more even exposure.

Method #3: DIY Curing Chamber

Many hobbyists will build their own, inexpensive curing chambers, makeshift versions of commercial curing stations. This is easily done by placing a UV light in a box lined with aluminum foil. Place the model on a solar or battery powered turntable to get an even exposure. 

Method #3: Solar Power

To go fully green, use good-old solar power. Place your part outside on a sunny day, and you’ll have a nice, even, UV light. The main drawback of this approach is the extra patience required. You’ll have to sit back and let the sun do the work. 

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