3D Printer Upgrades – 19 Mods to Pimp Your 3D Printer

There are hundreds of modifications for 3D printers floating about, many of them useful, and most of them printable. We’ve narrowed it down to a list of the best 19 that should work on just about any generic printer.

In this article, we’ve split the mods into four categories: Print QualityExperiencePeace of Mind, and Printer Rework.

Print Quality mods are ones that will physically improve the quality of prints from a given printer. Such mods could be hot-end related, such as fan ducts, as well as belt tensioners.

Experience mods will improve the overall experience of using your 3D printer. This type of upgrade would be something like new bed leveling knobs or a better spool holder.

Peace of Mind mods do exactly what the name suggests: Make your printer safer and more reliable. Such mods include wire strain relief brackets and mounts for webcams to monitor your prints.

Printer Rework mods involve completely replacing parts of the printer to improve or change their function. These sorts of mods include new extruders and control boards.

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