3devo Introduces Hands-On Training Workshops On Desktop Filament Extrusion

3devo, a Dutch technology company, follows a mission that empowers innovators and
creators with accessible, high-quality products. Their revolutionary products include the
Filament Maker, a desktop extruder that extrudes custom 3D print materials, and the SHR3D
IT, an innovative plastic processor that recycles old plastics into high-quality printing
After realizing a high-demand for extrusion and material knowledge, they have now launched
a series of hands-on training workshops on desktop filament extrusion.

Branded as
DevoTraining , these workshops are the first of their kind and will be organized at the
company’s headquarters in Utrecht. They will train individuals, along with teams, in material
experimentation and getting optimal results from 3devo’s desktop filament maker and/or
plastic shredder.

The DevoTraining workshops have been developed for manufacturers, innovators,
researchers, educators, and other parties associated with the 3D printing or material
development industry. Participants have a choice of 3 programs, each tailored to a specific
set of requirements:
· DevoNovice, a 4-hour module, covers the basics of desktop filament extrusion using
the 3devo Precision or Composer filament maker. This course is ideal for beginners
looking for an introduction to their new 3devo machine or the core concepts of filament

DevoProficient , a 1-day long course, provides intermediate-level training in filament
extrusion and covers topics such as material mixing, recycling, and machine
maintenance. This workshop is geared towards users with some prior experience in
filament extrusion, or those interested in producing customized filament by mixing or
recycling plastics. 

DevoMaster is a 2-day course designed for extrusion experts looking to further their
knowledge or develop filament from innovative new materials. In addition to material
mixing, recycling, troubleshooting, and maintenance, this workshop includes advanced
material development, extrusion tests with specified materials, and customizable
modules that can be tailored to the needs of any industry or application.

“The demand for unique 3d printing materials is ever-growing, which requires new
knowledge on how to process it. With DevoTraining, we offer the answers to those
innovators who seek to take matters into their own hands. Giving them complete
guidance to create and customize their own filament – on demand ”
– Tim Wesselink, CEO of 3devo

DevoTraining is part of 3devo’s ongoing efforts to make material development accessible
and sustainable. Through these unique workshops, the company aims to equip users with
comprehensive, practical and up-to-date knowledge of filament making and plastic recycling.

All DevoTraining workshops will be hosted at 3devo’s headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Participants will be guided by a team of engineers, filament extrusion specialists, and
material scientists. All in a facility equipped with all the requisite equipment, materials, and
resources. The basic, intermediate and advanced level workshops are priced at €499, €899
and €1549 respectively.

The official launch of DevoTraining, along with the release of a detailed overview of each of
the workshops, will available on their website on the 12th of February.

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