AMFG secures Innovate UK funding to boost additive manufacturing automation software

UK-based automation software company, AMFG, has today announced it has received funding from Innovate UK to further the development of its AI and machine learning technology for additive manufacturing (AM).

The funding from the UK’s Research and Innovation agency will build on AMFG’s workflow management/MES software, which launched last year following a rebrand, and includes request submission, production and post-processing management.

Though the exact amount was undisclosed, the funding will be leveraged to improve quality assurance and optimise scheduling for AM production parts, two areas which AMFG believes are key to scaling AM for production. AMFG will be developing methods to improve the analysis of parts during quality assurance, including the use of wide-ranging data sets, and will further develop its machine learning technology to optimise production scheduling, allowing users to predict failures before they occur.

AMFG’s CEO, Keyvan Karimi, said: “Currently, additive manufacturing still needs to prove that end-part production is viable at scale. Software will be a vital piece of this puzzle. We’re thrilled to put Innovate UK’s funding towards further enhancing our machine learning technology and helping manufacturers manage — and scale — their AM operations effectively.”

AMFG will be working with key partners, including the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM).

Dr Martin Baumers of the CfAM said: “The Centre [for AM] is one of the leading research groups in the field of AM technology across the globe and is conducting research to advance the productivity, scalability and industrial adoptability of the technology. AM technology is currently at a stage where it needs to demonstrate its stability and controllability in real manufacturing environments. Innovative software approaches will be central in achieving this.”

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