3D Printed Harry Potter Wands Giveaway

The giveaway is now over. Winner was Trey Mackey

Want to win these 3D printed wands that come with unique stands? Well you just need to make sure you are subscribed to this channel and that you leave any comment below. Winner will be chosen February 28, 2018 via a random comment generator, and I will ship worldwide. The winner will then be contacted via a reply to their winning comment, and will also be mentioned in the next giveaway video on March 1st.

I also say Stuck-o in this video when I meant to say Spackle.

Parts used in video (affiliate links – no extra charge to you):
Plastic Welder:
220 Grit Sandpaper:
Foam Paint Brushes:
Acrylic Paint:

Wand Files:
Hermione’s Wand:
Harry’s Wand:
Voldemort’s Wand:
Elder Wand:
Wand Stand with Nameplate:

Royalty Free Harry Potter Background:

Hedwig Theme Remix:

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