3D Printer bed skin – PRINTinZ

Looking for a new bed surface for your 3D printer?
Here’s a review of PRINTinZ’s bed skin!

Verdict – Plastic sticks down just as well as the build plate, but as we can’t simply flex the skin to remove the parts it can be a little difficult to remove some parts.

PRINTinZ website:

Peon230 Quadcopter free download:

HyperCube 3D Printer Accessory Pack:

Spiral Chess Set:

Print settings for all objects:
-Layer height: 0.3mm
-Perimeters: 2
-Top/Bottom layers: 2
-Infill Density: 15%

Buy cheap 3D Printer kits and parts from Banggood here:

Amazon 3D Printers and Parts (Affiliate Link):


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