Initial Thoughts On The Tronxy P802MA – Anet A8 Clone

Here are my initial thoughts on the Tronxy P802MA which was supposed to be an Anet A8. very interesting and surprising journey so far, at every single corner.

Tronxy on Gearbest:

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Replacement Parts for the Tronxy:
X-Axis Brackets:
Z-Axis Lead Screw Brackets:

Re-designed X-axis mounts:
Additional parts:

All prints in teh video were printed at 0.2mm layer height in PLA at 200 degrees on the nozzle and 50 degrees on the heatbed except the totodile which was printed at 0.15mm layers

Rexor Castle:
Low-Poly Pikachu:
Low Poly Totodile:
Low Poly Yoda:
Baby Groot Pot:
3D Benchy:
Gyro Air:

Tronxy P802MA printer:

Anet A8:
Actual Anet A8:

Link to this actual printer on aliexpress:


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