20 Best Free STL File Viewer Tools of 2018

3D modeling software specialist Autodesk offers an interesting professional grade free STL viewer. After dropping the file to your browser, the online 3D viewer offers many advanced features. There are numerous tools for viewing alone, like zooming, panning, and turning. But its inspection tools are simply the best: Apart from cutting and measuring, you can inspect the 3D file collaboratively and quite intuitively.

The 3D viewer also allows you take your designs, share them via a link, screenshot, print, or even embed them in a website (the latter is possible when using an Autodesk Account). Instead of uploading a file, you can also connect your cloud storage service to the free STL viewer. Also, it supports the 50 most common 2D and 3D formats, that are relevant to professionals from different fields. No matter if you’re an engineer, an architect or a graphic designer, the chances are that A360 Viewer can display our file. For some of the advanced features of the STL file viewer, you will need to buy a subscription after 30 days.

Free STL Viewer Features: Autodesk A360 Viewer

  • OS: Browser
  • Other File Formats:  DWG, DWF, RVT, Solidworks, STP and many more

Visit: A360 viewer

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