Matterhackers Blue Friday Sale!

Hi Guys, just putting together a quick announcement that Matterhackers are live with their yearly Blue Friday Sales. Whether you’re looking for a 3D Printer, Filaments or 3D Printing accessories, Materhackers have got you covered.

No, not a sponsored video, But Matterhackers have always been supportive of the community and this channel, so i am happy to spread the word.

Forgot to mention that all filaments on the site will be at 15% off!

Enter code “BLUFRI” at checkout.

Matterhackers (Affiliate):

Matterhackers (Non-Affiliate):

Olson Ruby Nozzle:
Matterhackers Pro Series Nylon Filament:


Please consider using the following links to make your online supply purchases for filament or 3d printing accessories, it will not cost you anything extra but will go a long way to help support this channel.


Aprintapro Filaments:

For the latest discounts codes on 3D Printers from gearbest, check out the following link (Constantly Updated):

Amazon International:


Should you wish to support me, you can also do so via Patreon:

Want to send me something? go ahead:

Attn: 3D Maker Noob Joe
P.O. Box 12
Constitution Street,
Mosta, MST 9059


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