Taking PJ Guard From Concept to Production

Like many of us, Latrice is a dog lover. To give her pets the flexibility to move in and out of the house freely, she installed a sliding glass pet door insert like the one shown here.

However, it quickly came to her attention that this new luxury for her pets came with a major security flaw. Since the sliding glass door is left in an open an unlocked position, it could easily be breached by intruders.
Common solutions to this problem are to simply stick a wooden block cut to size in between the end of the sliding glass door and the door jam. While this would seemingly prevent the door from being opened further, this solution was inadequate when it came to quelling Latrice’s concerns for her family’s safety. As an employee of the Department of Homeland Security, her husband was also unimpressed by the existing security solutions that were available. He demonstrated to her how he could easily breach the existing door jams within a matter of minutes and without alerting the occupants.

It quickly became clear to Latrice, who happened to be pursuing her MBA at the time, that there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled. She first envisioned an adjustable locking door jam which would provide significant pressure between the door and door jam. Breaching such a device would undoubtedly require significant effort and alert the occupants. To be confident that the occupants or neighbors were alerted, she also wanted to add an audible alarm which would be triggered if the door jam was disturbed. Without an engineering or design background, she turned to SD3D to help her bring her concept to life.

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