Best All-In-One 3D Printer 2018 (Scanner/Laser Engraver/CNC)

  • Printer Name Stepcraft 2
  • Manufacturing Methods 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Vinyl Cutting, Hot Wire Cutting, Wood Burning, Engraving, Laser Engraving, Touch Probe Scanning
  • Materials Woods, Plastics, Non-ferrous Metals, Paper, Vinyl + more
  • Build Volume 420 x 600 x 140mm+ (dependent on model)
  • Target audience Professional, Small Business
  • Market Price $3,799+ (dependent on model)

Successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2015, Stepcraft’s Stepcraft 2 is a name that often crops up when the conversation turns to hybrid machines.

An all-in-one that’s CNC first, 3D printer third or fourth, the Stepcraft 2’s primary mode is cutting, with basic packages coming equipped with Dremel rotary cutting tools. However, the Stepcraft 2’s distinctive orange and white gantry system is outfitted with a mount that supports a great number of tool heads.

In total, Stepcraft supports the following functions through tool heads: plotting, milling, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, hot wire cutting, wood burning, engraving, laser engraving and 3D touch probing.

Available in a variety of sizes, all Stepcraft 2 all-in-ones feature large work planes, making them remarkably versatile machines.

The smallest Stepcraft 2 all-in-one “Make Anything” package, featuring the base CNC carving kit plus 3D printing head, drag knife, hot wire cutter and myriad accessories will set you back $3,799 — a hefty sum, but perhaps not when you consider that includes a working area of at least 420 x 600 x 140mm (depending on the model you choose) and more tooling options than you can shake a finely machined stick at.

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